10 Commandments For An Enthusiastic “Team”

10 Commandments for an Enthusiastic “TEAM”

  • 1  Decide to WIN….its an attitude.
  • 2  Speak positive about each other & organization.
  • 3  Think BIG….
  • 4  Be Excited and OPEN to new ideas….look for reasons they will work.
  • 5  Help others reach their goals and take pride in their victory.
  • 6  Verify & Validate before you SPEAK about 3rd party information.
  • 7  Do EVERYTHING with enthusiasm — its contagious!
  • 8  Whatever you want…Give it Away!
  • 9  Have Fun!
  • 10 Don’t lose faith…never give up!

Leadership is the ability for everyone on the team to roll up their sleeves and get to WORK!                         You don’t win with the best talent – you win with the players who are able to “play well together”.


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